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Helene du Domaine de Peyrac bred to Romeo du Grand Tendre Puppies expected around Winter/Spring     See more Button Puppies
Helene Faye du Domaine de Peyrac
About us
Pyrenean Mountain Dog  How it all started. My first introduction to Pyrenean Mountain Dogs was in 2004 when I was researching characteristics of each dog breed . It was then that I saw a picture of a magnificent Goliath white dog on internet. In 2005, after talking to a number of breeders and learning what owning this wonderful breed involved, 'Emillie' came into our lives and began my lifelong love affair with this breed. Why Breed? SO IT ALL BEGAN: love at first sight. Emilie was our first Pyrenaen Mountain Dog, she is very special to us and quickly we knew we wanted to breed these white giant Pyrenean mountain dogs. For us this dream came true. My family , Belinda, Rolf, Sander and Fleur emigrated to Germany 9 years ago in 2009 We live together with horses, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, cats, goose, chickens, etc. on a small farm.. We have a small, family owned and operated hobby farm located just out of Rees, Germany.  We have owned Great Pyrenees since 2005 and started breeding in 2016.  We absolutely love our Pyrs!  We really enjoy this amazing breed, and our goal as breeders is to raise beautiful healthy pups with great dispositions.  We have a small breeding operation that allows us to spend individual time with each dog on a daily basis.  We are convinced that Great Pyrenees are the best dog for family and farm.  They are gentle giants, loyal guardians, and excellent companions.  Du domaine de Blanche-Neige ... the small but mighty Pyrenees mountain dog breed. Our Goal is to breed beautiful healthy puppies, so we have the KFUH connected us with its strict discipline rules and invest a lot of time and love into our Pyrenean mountain dogs.  Our Breeding Dogs and Stud Dogs dogs are all tested for HD, ED, PL OCD, DOK Eye diseases, Character test and DNA. Please feel free to look around our website to learn more about these amazing dogs.  Feel free to contact us any time with questions, we would love to chat with you! I am a member of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of K.F.U.H. (which is the primary club for our breed in Germany) Our slogan is  `A  picture is worth a thousand words´. We used a lot of images to share our love for  the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Enjoy! 
We are member of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Germany . Klub Für Ungarische Hirtenhunde
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Pyrenean Mountain Dog Breeder DU DOMAINE DE BLANCHE-NEIGE
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