We are expecting puppies !!

Helene du Domaine de Peyrac bred to Romeo du Grand Tendre Puppies expected around Winter/Spring  See more Button Puppies
Helene Faye du Domaine de Peyrac
Wir sind Mitglied vom Pyrenäenberghund Verein Deutschland (KFUH) und vom die Niederländische  (NVLPH)
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Pyrenean Mountain Dog Puppies We are excited to announce the marriage of Helene Faye du Domaine de Peyrac and Romeo du Grand Tendre. Love is in the air at July 2018. This will produce a fantastic litter of Pyrenean  Mountain Dog pups.  Helene will be due approximately September  ,with  pups able to leave beginn November 2018
Helene du Domaine de Peyrac  HD -  HD - A, OCD .free, ED - free ,  PL -  free, Eye test disease free  and  KFUH TEST, brilliant, Pedigree
I am Yours . You are mine Romeo du Grand Tendre,  German champion. We are member of the German (KFUH) Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club and breeding  conform the Rules of the KFUH
Romeo du Grand Tendre HD-A1, OCD- free, ED Free, PL free, Eye test disease free, CMR1 free, Charactertest, KFUH Brilliant
Klubs für Ungarische Hirtenhunde e.V.  Rules 1. the Dogs are Control of elbow dysplasia, Hip dysplasia,     Osteochondritis Dissecans, Patella   (radiographic)  2. the Dogs are Controle of Eye diseases.  Clinical  3. Control Patellaluxation . Clinical  All the Rules from the German (KFUH) and Dutch (NVLPH) Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club , download directly  KFUH http://www.kfuh.de/de/zucht/kfuh-zucht-ordnung.php  http://www.kfuh.de/de/zucht/kfuh-koer-ordnung.php We certifies that applicable health screens are performed on the breeding stock as recommended by the Parent Club and follow the guidelines of the Clubs . . No puppy shall leave us until it is 9 weeks old. - We supply a VDH pedigree of four generations - We will give you full information on all aspects of a Pyrs ownership, the importance of worming and inoculations and we shall provide records from the attending veterinary surgeon detailing inoculations given, including their dates and type of vaccine used and the date of which any future inoculations are due, etc.... We would love to hear from you.. Contact us for more information and visited the Mother Dog
Helene Faye du Domaine de Peyrac
Romeo du Grand Tendre
Contact us   Our B-Litter is aspected   in September 2018.  We would like to hear  from you whether you  want to receive further  information, or ask a question .You can  also visit us to get more information or to  get answers to your questions. Please contact us. Mail:  info@pyreneese- berghond-du-domaine-de- blanche-neige.com
We are member of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Germany . Klub Für Ungarische Hirtenhunde


Pyrenean Mountain Dog Breeder DU DOMAINE DE BLANCHE-NEIGE
Helene Faye
     Love is in the Air!      Aspect B-Litter September 2018
     Love is in the Air!      Wurfankündigung Winter/Frühjahr geplant! 
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