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Pyrenean Mountain Dog Puppies Planned Litter B-Litters · In loving . We are planning Denuy de Alba de los Danzantes first litter Summer 2019. Official Test Results : Hipscore: , HD A free, OCD free (Osteochondrose dissecans), ED 0/0 free (Elbow Dysplasie), PL 0/0 free (Patella luxation) . DNA, Eye Diseases Test: all eye diseases free. Dog behaviour test: Brilliant. German Breeding Club : K.F.U.H.test: Sublime. For the stud dog for our B litter, we have choise our beautiful boy: Romeo de Grand Tendre It´s a beautiful , gentle and a kind Teddy-Bear. Romeo du Grand Tendre, official Test Results : Hipscore: HD A1 free, OCD free (Osteochondrose dissecans), ED 0/0 free (Elbow Dysplasie), PL 0/0 free (Patella luxation) . DNA, Eye Diseases Test: all eye diseases free. Dog behaviour test: Brilliant. German Breeding Club : K.F.U.H.test: Sublime. We are aspected beautiful puppies. E-mail:
Een pyreneese berghond moet met heel veel gduld en respect worden opgevoed.  U moet ervoor zorgen dat ze elkaar accepteren. Een goede opvoeding zorgt ervoor dat u jarenlang plezier van uw hond hebt. Onze pyreneese berghonden leven met ons en niet voor ons.
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Romeo du Grand Tendre
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Denuy de Alba de los Danzantes
Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Germany Klubs für Ungarische Hirtenhunde e.V. Rules 1. the Dogs are Control of elbow dysplasia, Hip dysplasia, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Patella 2. the Dogs are Controle of Eye diseases. Clinical , Behavior Test and Breedtypical test (K.F.U.H.) 3. Control Patellaluxation . (radiographic) Clinical All the Rules from the German (KFUH) and Dutch (NVLPH) Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club , download directly KFUH : We certifies that applicable health screens are performed on the breeding stock as recommended by the Parent Club and follow the guidelines of the Clubs . . No puppy shall leave us until it is 9 weeks old. - We supply a VDH pedigree of four generations - We will give you full information on all aspects of a Pyrs ownership, the importance of worming and inoculations and we shall provide records from the attending veterinary surgeon detailing inoculations given, including their dates and type of vaccine used and the date of which any future inoculations are due, etc.... We would love to hear from you.. Contact us for more information and visited the Mother Dog
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Pedigree new puppies B-Litter

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

A-Litter Diary Mother Norah-Lee du Grand Tendre , HD A, OCD-0, ED-0, PL-0, Eye diseases Free, Charactertest brilliant and DNA . Father Isodores des Sentiers du Roi, HD B, OCD-0, ED-0, PL-0, Eye diseases Free, Charactertest brilliant and DNA . 13 Puppies are Bbrn 29 March 2017. At 05.15 the first male was born, then followed within 4 a 5 hours still 5 males. After 1 ½ hour followed 5 bitches. At 17.15 the last male is born and one our later the last girl. 7 boys and 6 girls they are all little bundels off joy. . The littlest bitch weighed 420 grams, the biggest male is 560 gram Noortje did a great job . She was very calm and loving and did not get stressed. I am very proud of my girl. 30 März Sweet Noortje ! If love is sweet as a flower, then Noortje is that sweet flower of love. Noortje feed them clean them and clean up after them and keep them close to her so they stay warm. 3 April Babies and Noortje are doing great. Puppies Moving to Noortje: Seesaw that swings up and down with the pendulum movement. Through touch, the puppies will manage to find their mother's teats for suckling. All puppies and Noortje are Fit. Noortje mother's role is excelent. We are verry proud ! . 5 April Noortje and her babies are all in good health. She looks so proud with her 13 cute babies! Noortje is a very calm and good-natured Mother. We are Proud! 8 April 10 Days old. Our 13 puppies, 7 males and 6 females. The puppies are all strong and healthy. Mama Noortje is doing well. All is going well, the puppies double their birth weight . Females Males 12 April Pictures A-litter. All puppies, 7 males and 6 females For to taking good care of Noortjes health. We decided to help her. I have fed the puppies once a day with the bottle of goat's milk. . The puppies are plump and firm, warm, quiet, and sleep most of the time. Eyes and Ears are open allowing the puppies to see and hear their environment and the Teeth may begin to emerge. Noortje is a Super Mum. 19 April Puppies 3 weeks. 21 April Socialization Pyrenean Mountain Dog. One of the most valuable lessons you can teach puppies is that the world is a safe place with kind humans and friendly dogs and other animals. If they have positive experiences with people and animals, they are less likely to be afraid of them later. Many different people, children taking part in the socialization process. ,A carefully socialized dog has learned to be peaceful and open-minded with strangers, children and other pets. We find socialization very important. Today, all the puppies (39 days old) have had contact with our Romeo and our cat. We are proud that 2 of our puppies are going to be therapy dogs. 18th May a group of children with special needs are coming to visited the litter. 10 Mai 2017 A visited from the Vet. The puppies are examned. Examned of the heart, eyes, ears, tail, navel, dentition, wolf claw and general health of Noortje and the puppies. All 13 are super. All Puppies are in very good health. We are super proud. 14 May A kiss from all Puppies for Mothersday . Noortje is so Happy. . First Litter. 6 Weeks. We have found for all 13 Puppies a wunderfull home. 17 May Because This Is My First Litter. We did not want to take any risk . The litter was born with close contact with our Vet and with the Head off the breeding department from the KFUH . They have helped us preparing for the Birth and they are every moment available for any questions about the puppies. It´s a win win situation . I hope every country in Europe takes a Züchtwarterin. 25 May Puppies sozialisation. Horses, Cats, Goats etc… 27 May KFUH Welpeneinzelnuntersuchung und Tierarztlicheuntersuchung vor der Wurfabnahme . Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit diese liebe Welpen und alle Resultaten Untersuchungen. .Alle Welpen sind geimpft, DNA und haben ein Europas-ische Passporte. TA hat Augen, Ohren, Zahne und Zahnfleisch, , Kniescheiben,Hoden und Herz untersucht. Die Zuchtwarterin hat Plegezustand, Körperbau, Gangwerk,Nabel ob, After ob,After krallen doppelt, Rute ob, Augen dunkel, Lider Schwartz, Gebiss schere, Nase schwarz, lefzen schwarz, Reaktion auf alltägliche friedliche Umweltreize und verschiedene Reaktionen auf unerwartete , überraschendeEindrücke. Alles was super… Wir sind sehr glücklich….Viele Dank an Tierarzt Dr. Tanja Beykirch und zuchtwarterin Hannelore Bokelmann (KFUH)
Saying goodbye in the 9/10 Week Most puppies are going to there new Families .We are so happy that all puppies have found a loving home with the best families.They fell in love with the little pup the moment the knew they were chosen to be there new owner And now the time is there to say goodbye Saying goodbye is hard and tears find there way at the departure but we are strenghted knowing they are going to the best homes.So lots off luck in your new homes We wish you all lots off fun and love in your new homes .
30 Juli 2017 Norah Mini Welpen Treffen (NRW). Treffen mit lieben Menschen. Mama Norah mit Welpen , Amber, Bijou, Askan und Alonso , Es war toll! Die Wuppertalsperre ist wunderschön
Pedigree Romeo
Pedigree Didi
“The beauty of a Pyrenean Mountain Dog is timeless .”
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De schoonheid van een pyreneese berghond is tijdloos. Een pyreneese berghond wat een aanwinst in je leven. Ze leven met ons en niet voor ons. We wonen net over de grens en zijn nederlanders. We hebben hebben geen kennels.. Onze website geeft heldere informatie en schept een goed beeld van de pyreneese berghond. We willen gezonde en zo sociaal mogelijke Pyris fokken. Het is belangrijk dat ze deel uitmaken van het gezin. . Hierbij ze blaffen en hebben een goede afgerasterde tuin nodig waar een plek is om te graven. Het is belangrijk dat je een goede connectie met hem hebt en er wederzijds vertrouwen is. Ze vinden het heerlijk om samen dingen te doen en samen op de bank TV te kijken. Ze hebben een vrije geest en het is geen af, lig en sta hond. Hierbij ze zijn sterk aan de lijn en willen graag de hele dag mensen om zich heen of een taakje doen. Het zijn voor ons familiehonden. Wilt u het ras leren kennen. U bent altijd welkom. Stuur ons een bericht.. Whatsapp. 0049 - 15778697715 E-mail:
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